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Jaimie Alexander has good trigger discipline, needs to watch her blindspots

08.24.2016by: Droz

Jaimie Alexander tweeted the other day about how she broke her nose while filming new episodes for her tattooed mystery thriller Blindspot.

I gotta say, that's the best-looking broken schnoz I've ever seen. Usually there's some significant distortion in the cartilage, or at least noticable swelling and bruising. Makeup wizards and cold packs deserve a pat on the back for those efforts. Jaimie should be more careful about this sort of thing. I get it, she's playing all FBI hard ass with her AR-15 at the ready in full tactical gear. Still, it's just a show and she's just an actor. Once they get into throwing punches at Jaimie's lovely face, I think it's safe to say things have gone too far. Time to dial it back a few notches. Maybe return to some of those full body tattoo shots they were all about in season 1. That was a good move. We can always use more Jaimie body shots.

Source: NSFW


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