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Jaimie Alexander got hot for the breasts

06.12.2014by: Droz

Jaimie Alexander was on hand at the Pathway to a Cure for Breast Cancer event, looking tasty in her leggy little dress. You may have missed it, but we had a bit of a scare with Jaimie a few months back, when she decided to do this to herself:

Oh god, no. Never ever, ever, ever do that again, Jaimie. Totally the wrong look for you. Thankfully she seemed to figure that out pretty quick, as she was back to that gorgeous jet black fairly quickly. Now if only she'd grow out the boy cut, all would be right with Jaimie again. Hopefully she'll have that done by the time they get around to doing another THOR movie. Maybe by then they'll also give her character, Sif, a decent portion of the movie. I finally got around to watching the newest THOR movie the other day. It's a shame how little screen time Jaimie gets in those. Even more confusing is how Thor seems determined to keep Sif perpetually stuck in the friend zone. Yeah, okay. Natalie Portman is hot. No doubt about that. But come on now. You got Sif's hot ass all over you, fresh from battle and fully ready to hop on your junk. Speaking as a guy, how likely is it that any of us is going to turn that down? Even Thor's dad is mystified that he's not getting all up in dat ass. That movie has a lot of weird shit happening in it, but someone willingly turning down someone as hot as Jaimie when she's literally begging for it was the most difficult part to believe.


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