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J-Lo looked devilishly hot in her super tight blue dress

01.14.2016by: Droz

Jennifer Lopez is on the TCA Winter Tour bandwagon, attempting to keep people from admitting to themselves that broadcast TV's days aren't numbered. Unfortunately J-Lo and company aren't doing a very good job of reinforcing that illusion. Not by making yet another cop show, called Shades of Blue. It's unbelievable how many goddamn police shows they have on TV now, one airing right after the other. Who the hell is watching all this cop shit over and over? I couldn't tell ya, but one thing I do know is that such shows are making a terrible waste of an ass like Jennifer's. I'm sure her character's gig as a corrupt police detective doesn't afford her much opportunity to go around in super tight blue dresses that show off the preternatural curve of her history-making booty. That's a terrible shame, as this is clearly what her life's work should be all about.

Source: Egotastic


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