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I've had too many Kate Hudson and sodas and now I'm seeing double

11.19.2015by: Droz

Campari released their new 2016 calendar concept, which features Kate Hudson running against herself in some kind of boozy presidential election. Okay, but I think the Campari people have been indulging a little too heavy in their own product. Anyway, the various Kates look hot so that's good. She was even hotter at the red carpet event, where the second gen MILF hottie embraced the full meaning of low cut. This resurgence of Kate is a little strange, mostly because I can't think of any particular reason for it. She went all mommy for awhile and kinda faded from celebrity life. Then all of the sudden she seemed to wake up from her motherhood doldrums and started dressing all sexy whenever she had the chance. Now she's huge again. Apparently it's just that easy for her. I wont complain. Girl still looks good, so she's got my attention too.

Source: CampariNSFW


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