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I've been waiting for Gal Gadot to do a sexy photoshoot like this one for Interview

07.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It might be called Interview magazine, but we all know we turn to that publication for some sexy shots of our favorite babes. They might not be as salacious as Maxim or as desperate as some of the GQ and Esquire shoots but what they lack in being blatantly overt they make up for by featuring the women looking far more at ease and therefore far sexier than in any of the overly glossed, more lacy sets. Gal Gadot clearly is the woman of wonder that all the magazines want to get their hands on before her movie is released and being the Amazonian warrior woman was something that Gal had been searching for without really knowing what would find her.

"I didn't want to do the obvious role that you see in Hollywood most of the time, which is the heartbroken girl who's waiting to be rescued by the guy, blah, blah, blah," Gadot says in the accompanying interview. "I wanted to do something different. Little did I know that I would land Wonder Woman not long after."

Not that she had been thinking about being an actress all of her life, mind you. Gal was born in Israel and had been crowned Miss Israel in 2004 before beginning a mildly successful modeling career. Up until her agent called her about auditioning for a James Bond movie. "...I told him, 'Listen, it's all in English. I'm not an actress. I'm not going to go.'"

Luckily the guy figured she was joking and booked the audition anyway, where Gal subsequently fell in love with the profession and decided to ditch her plans to go to law school. And luckily for us that means that we get to see her driving fast cars, posing in bikinis and taking on the biggest female superheroine of all time (you can argue that point if you want, but everyone knows Wonder Woman. EVERYONE. That's what makes her the best).


Source: Daily Mail


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