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It's wedgies, cop cars and tiny bikinis for this Sandra Kubicka shoot

09.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Odds are you've come across an article, post or set of pictures that feature super-hot Polish model and social media sensation Sandra Kubicka – perhaps in the JoBlo Movie Hotties section. She's gained a lot of notoriety for her commercial work with Victoria's Secret and other clothing brands. Although, if there was a direct correlation between how hot the model in question is and the amount of work they are able to find, Sandra Kubicka would be one of the most prolific professionals out there. Here she is back in a bikini for her latest unknown photo shoot, doing everything she can to make cop cars look sexy; she succeeds. Hopefully, when we see the finished product, there will be a set of handcuffs and a nightstick somewhere in frame. Who wouldn't commit a first-degree felony if the possibility of being on the receiving end of some excessive force from a bikini-clad officer of the law like Sandra Kubicka was a direct consequence?

Source: Popoholic


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