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It's tough to take your eyes off Nicole Scherzinger's backside

08.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

I always thought of Nicole Scherzinger as one of those hotties that doesn't think playing the attention game to be beneath her. But the fact that she doesn't plaster countless images of what can only be labeled as a perfect arse – that thing is so nice it could be a f**king tourist attraction – all over social media, makes me reconsider my assumption. That's like owning a McLaren F1 and never driving it out of the showroom. All I'm saying is: Share your gift. We shouldn't have to wait months in between fresh depiction of a body so kept in shape. Say what you want about the intrusive nature of the paparazzi profession, but without them, we may not have been privy to the glory that is a sprawled out Nicole Scherzinger, ass up, along a ship's bow. That, to me, would be an absolute tragedy.

Source: ns4w


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