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It's time to bust out the magnums. Miranda Kerr just arrived.

05.15.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Okay, so maybe my manhood wouldn't fill out an entire magnum, but just the fact that I have them on hand means that I'm subliminally getting inside the girls' heads. They must see them and think, "Holy guacamole! You know, this guy is pretty f*cking disgusting and everything, but the fact that he has an enormous, smelly peepee will make me consider having sexy fun times with - nah, I still don't want to do that." It's the fact that they thought about it for a second, you know? That's how I get along in life.. 

Anyway, Miranda Kerr was at some event called Ambassador for Magnum event. I don't know what in the hell any of that means, but Miranda was there looking absolutely gorgeous in a little black dress and I got to talk about condoms for a little. See? Everyone wins. Happy Friday. 

Source: Hawt Celebs


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