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It's time once again to play "Is Chrissy Teigen Going Commando?"

09.29.2016by: Droz

Of course the best part about playing "Is Chissy Teigen Going Commando" is that the answer is always yes. She's even confirmed this multiple times in interviews she's given, wherein she voices her dislike for underwear of all kinds. But do even blatantly see thru garments stop Chrissy from leaving out the undergarments? I've heard of hotties going braless with the see thru or semi-see thru items, but usually they have on some kind of nude-color underwear so that they're at least keeping themselves covered up down south. And therein lies the real question with Chrissy's second choice of dress in the gallery below. I can't quite tell if she is truly commando here, but indications point to the affirmative. I see not a panty line in sight. So there you go - Chrissy most likely stands true to her assertions at all times. Thanks for playing. See you next time.

Source: NSFW


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