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It's time once again for some Candice Swanepoel bikini action

07.28.2015by: Droz

Well it's hotter than fresh shit here where I am and feels just as bad. It must be summertime then. If you hadn't guessed from that first sentence, I hate summer and all the heat. It's a pain in the ass, but the one great thing about it is that it brings out the hotties in stuff like Candice is wearing here. Every month brings us a new set of Candice wearing some bikinis, but it's more appropriate to see her doing the thing she does best when it's like the surface of the sun outside. The conditions for wearing barely anything seem more present. I may be seeing things, but it seems to be that Candice's hips get wider and her ass fuller and more beautifully rounded ever time I find a set of these Victoria's Secret pics. It's not that she's getting tubby or anything. Her stomach is just as flat it's always been. Somehow the lower half of her is just filling out more than it has before. I approve of this. Candice was already great, but add a little thickness to her and she becomes a truly epic sight.


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