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It's time once again for Charlotte McKinney to bulge from a bikini

06.06.2016by: Droz

You ever get the impression you're witnessing someone in the process of discovering their true purpose in life? That's how I feel whenever I see Charlotte McKinney get her massive boobs into a bikini top that's way too small for her. I guess you could make a stink out of that, were you the judgmental and/or puritanical type. Me, I feel happy for her. There's a ton of people out there who live their whole lives without a single clue what to do with themselves. Charlotte doesn't have that problem. She gets up in the morning knowing exactly what she's gonna do that day. Then, when her work is done, she receives the love and praise of millions of satisfied customers as her reward. Not to mention huge bank. I'll bet that's way better than what you do for a living. Good for you, Charlotte.

Source: Superior Pics


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