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It's Taken me a while to fathom that Famke Janssen is 50 now

01.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
2014 was a banner year for the mature women of Hollywood, with so many turning 50 all at once, it nearly short-circuited my little brain. From Sandra Bullock to Monica Bellucci to Mary-Louise Parker and Marisa Tomei, I think I ended up overlooking that TAKEN 3 star, Famke Janssen was also on that list. She's been in so many of the movies that I've grown up watching over the years that it was as if she had become the favorite aunt or friend of mom's - that hot one that defied age. Wearing a black and white dress on the red carpet, we got to check out Janssen's super-toned legs and overall impeccable curves, while marveling how she's (supposedly) not had any plastic surgery done. Still sexy as ever, I doubt there's a limit to her career in being a total babe.
Source: Daily Mail


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