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It's nice to see Gemma Atkinson's fit form back on the beach

08.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Gemma Atkinson is one of the few British glamour models who refuses to flesh out those entrancing mounds of hers. I spent years keeping tabs on her latest pictorials in the mere hope of a single glimpse at something uncovered; a nip slip, a behind-the-scenes wardrobe malfunction, anything to feed my need to see. Alas, this reserved gal remain steadfast in her opposition to exposure. The closest we ever got was a wet T-shirt shoot, and thanks to some Photoshop augmentation, some semblance of nipples could be found. Other than that, lingerie, implied nudity (arm bra, side boob, ect.), and candid bikini photos such as this will have to suffice. There's also plenty of fake imagery circulating the web. I'm not the only one who grew impatient waiting for Gemma to pony up, although I never resorted to pornographic forgery. Years of ongoing disappointment aside, it's good to see her fit body back on the beach, forever taunting us with what lies beneath.

Source: NS4W


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