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Celebrate Kate Upton's 22nd with 44 of her greatest hits

06.10.2014by: Droz

Damn, everybody got a birthday lately. What's that about? I'll tell you what that's about. Labor Day. Bunch of couples, got the day off. Long weekend. Little drink, little romance. Nine months later, bam! Kate Upton. Thank goodness for contrived holidays. It's hard to believe Kate is only 22 today. It feels like she's been a big titty institution for so long, she should be in her 30s by now. Of course, Kate got an early start. She was showing those big, beautiful breasts in the pages of Sports Illustrated at 18. Girl clearly has a natural talent, which she's been using to her and our advantage ever since.

On the occasion of Kate's 22nd birthday, what we need is an extra special way to celebrate what she means to those of us who love her. I suppose I could do what I usually do with that and go grab a ton of her hottest pics at random. But considering the impact Kate's boobs have had on us in these 4 years, I think we need something more substantial. Kate, unfortunately, has yet to show that epic boobage in its entirety (although this NSFW pic comes pretty damn close). That's rather ironic, since Kate is probably most well known for her varied selection of see thru and full on topless pics. Sadly, those damn hand and arm bras always conspire to spoil a great Kate moment.

Still, Kate's boobs are Kate's boobs. Covered or not, they're certainly nothing to scoff at. So here's a little birthday pictorial recap of Kate's biggest and best topless and see thru moments from the last 4 years. I don't know about you, but pics like these make me eager to see what another 4 years will bring.

Also, do take a look at our special Kate Upton tribute video below, featuring some of her best full motion moments.


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