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It's impossible to miss how hot Bella Thorne is in her new fashion campaign

02.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
With her mature looks, I get the feeling that Hollywood is going to try and turn Bella Thorne into the next Jennifer Lawrence. I doubt that Thorne will ever be able to catch JLaw when it comes to acting (although she plays a good high school bitch in THE DUFF, for a character that didn't exist in the book) but damned if Bella doesn't look as irresistibly gorgeous as Jen did in her earliest introduction. (That Oscar red dress moment is really hard to beat.) I admire that Bella isn't just sitting around waiting to be cast in shit like AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING or THE BABYSITTER and has taken to being the face of her own fasion line, Miss Me. However, it's really smart that she's choosing to attack the movie scene by hitting up the horror genre. While it's not always the most successful route to mega-fame, so many of the greats got their start screaming, running or getting splattered in blood. Must make all of those red carpet appearances easier than a cake walk.
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