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It's good to see Rachel McAdams smiling again

07.20.2015by: No Cool Handle
Finally after more than halfway through the second season of True Detective, and only seeing the usually lovely Rachel McAdams with the sternest of looks, most contemplative of expressions and uttering each syllable for maximum dramatic impact; it was refreshing (and slightly jarring) to be reminded how captivating she can be whilst flashing a grin worthy of promoting the latest enamel building, tooth whitening, gum health beyond reproach toothpaste. Couple that with a nice low-cut blouse hinting at wonders underneath, and you too will be in awe of what a little levity can do for looks. If I have one gripe it would have to be the hair. It kind of makes her look like one of those people that would dawn her Italian leather sofa with purple, plush pillows.
Extra Tidbit: We first meet her character mid-argument, with her boy toy prospect, over of his coy response to her request for the third input. It's not TV it's HBO.
Source: Stylist


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