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It's good to see Eliza Dushku out and about

03.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

Eliza Dushku was one of the most desirable hotties back in the early 2000's (by me, anyway), then again around 2010 when she landed her own show, DOLL HOUSE. I'd watch any shitty movie she was in so I could hopefully see at least one scene that capitalized on her sexiness. Her career faded though, as did the frequency in which we were gifted with revealing media. Sadly, I'm not here to herald her triumphant return to the skin-bearing game. I'm bringing you the latest sighting of this beautiful brunette in a see through shirt, some tight jeans and an outfit that suggests she's been hiding in the 1980's all this time; any port in a storm, right? She still looks fine as hell though, giving us an optimistic outlook on the future - a future where she ends up on the cover of Lui. The only time we've come close to getting a full view of the goods was in some indie film she did; a quick flash while changing shirts in 'The Alphabet Killer.' It's about time for an ultimate Eliza pictorial - don't you think?

Source: Got Celeb


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