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It's difficult to associate Nathalie Emmanuel's breasts with SAG

01.31.2017by: No Cool Handle

Anyone who has seen Nathalie Emmanuel naked on Game of Thrones knows there's nothing on her body that sags; it's tighter than a clams ass with lockjaw; as flawless as her smooth skin.So when she shows up to celebrate any event identified with the word SAG, it comes off as a contradiction. Nathalie Emmanuel is the antithesis of SAG – a firm, toned and supremely desirable bit of talent – one that's not nearly featured in explotative shoots as much as a woman of her beauty demands. Desire is only heightened when she begins to speak, that cute British accent only adds to the list of many appealing features. With the finale of Game of Thrones slowly approaching, I think a call for more exposure of this under featured hottie would not be out of line. Before the end, I wouldn't mind seeing how a moment of intimacy with a dickless member of the unsullied plays out.

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