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It's Charlotte McKinney again, this time sexually harassing a Workaholic for GQ

07.22.2015by: Droz

It wasn't the plan to make this a Charlotte McKinney week. It's just kind of turning out that way for whatever reason. Those of you who enjoy bitching about that will find yet more chances to indulge in your new pastime. The rest of us who are entranced by the sight of massive titties will get something particularly stimulating out of Charlotte's GQ spread, where the big chested model romps with Workaholic Adam Devine. Gotta give him a ton of respect for being able to mug for the camera while Charlotte's humongous rack was hung free in the greatest of ways. Too bad about the X's, but that may still be the closest we've come to all out Charlotte titty exposure, aside from the potato quality leaked nudes. I don't know about you, but I'm hankering for a thumb sprain just looking at those tremendous wabbos. Girl has a gift.

Source: GQ


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