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It's been too long since we had any Emilia Clarke on here

01.27.2015by: Droz

I didn't realize it until these pics of Emilia Clarke at this weekend's SAG awards turned up, but we haven't had anything new to show from Emilia since way back in April of last year. What a travesty that is. Poor Khaleesi. How could we have overlooked you for so long? Well, for one thing, she doesn't get around much. At least not in the capacity of your typical celeb who gets photographs taken of them. Another problem is illustrated by my immediate association with her and Game of Thrones. Hey, the woman is synonymous. So much so that I'm almost taken aback now when I see Emilia in any other capacity besides her Targaryen alter ego. I'll gladly have her in any configuration, but those platinum blonde locks are where my fantasy-riddled mind goes when thinking about Emilia. Hey, who hasn't dreamed of getting a piece of the Mother of Dragons in a big, steaming bathtub while her dragons ravage the countryside out the window? Nobody, that's who.

Speaking of GoT, Emilia promises some major shit is going to break loose on there this season. She promises that every season and she's always right, so I have no worries that they'll deliver with season 5 just like they have all the others. Right now I'm debating on whether I'm down for Emilia's other 2015 project, TERMINATOR: GENISYS. Ugh, that f*cking title alone is worrisome, but the trailer did look kind of cool. We all know what bullshit trailers can be, but the concept intrigues me. I haven't read a script or anything, but from what I've read it appears someone sends a terminator back to Sarah Connor's childhood who essentially raises her and protects her from other terminators sent back to kill her. That obviously throws a great big monkey wrench into what little remains intact of the whole TERMINATOR timeline. Could be good. Or it could be shit. I guess we'll just have to wait until July to see for ourselves. These pics of Emilia you can appreciate right now.


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