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It's an evening of fine dining in a tight cocktail dress for Kate Beckinsale

09.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

Yes, Kate Beckinsale's new movie, THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM, wasn't just disappointing, it hardly exists. Despite the fact that it opened on over 1500 screens, there's but an aggregate of 12 critics who reviewed it on Rotten Tomatoes (all of whom responded negatively), and it's sitting pretty at 24 on the box office list after a week and a half in theaters. What better way to shake off a loss than to slip into a slinky cocktail dress for an evening of fine dining at the Nice Guy restaurant. If she wasn't so uniquely beautiful and didn't have the world by the short and curlies, I might feel sad for Ms. Beckinsale. No professional is on set hoping their next movie turns out to be a total shit show. Even if there is a lingering suspicion it will end up that way. I doubt this will have any long-term, negative effect on her career. No one out there is tired of seeing her beautiful face on the big screen.

Sarah, Sam's girlfriend, asks, "So what you want to see tonight?" To which Sam replies, "How about THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM?" Sara: "I don't know; is it any good?" Sam: "I heard it sucks." Sarah: "Then it's not just a clever name."

Extra Tidbit: The Shitty Beatles, anyone?
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