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It's always Bella Thorne Galore around here

06.21.2016by: Droz

You might recognize some of these pics of Bella Thorne in a new Galore magazine interview from a much larger gallery we posted a few weeks back featuring the barely dressed barely legal in a sexy orange number. And once again the pap pics prove to be better than the official magazine pics. Did the folks in Galore's editorial staff fail to notice the one most prominent feature in Bella's bikini was its thong bottom? Was there some kind of mass brain damage event at the Galore offices responsible for them leaving out any image of Bella's bethonged ass from those accompanying their article? Clearly someone f*cked up over there, but to Bella's credit the content which did get posted is still pretty good. She is a treasure where such things are concerned.

Bella Thone Galore 2016

Source: Galore


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