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It's always a party when Katharine McPhee wraps her butt up in something tight

09.17.2015by: Droz

The Wrap did a big write up on some of the shows that will feature prominently in the new fall TV season. Central among those represented in their accompanying photo spread was Katharine McPhee and her tight dress making a fine showing of her great glutes. I'm not sure her show Scorpion is much of anything for me to look forward to. In fact, a lot of TV right now is pretty much a bore to me. I kinda wish I could fast-forward a few years and binge watch upcoming seasons of Mr. Robot, which might be one of the best TV show experiences I've ever had. On the other hand, Katharine herself is nothing but watchable. Too bad they can't make a show out of her ass. Talk about must see TV.

Source: The Wrap


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