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It's always a good time for another WIF of Kate Beckinsale

06.17.2016by: Droz

Is it me or is that pink/purple light casting Kate Beckinsale in an especially flattering light? Hell, it could be diaper shit green and she would still look amazing in it. Not much affects this legendary British bastion of beauty and bangability. There's been some reminiscing on Kate's social media in regard to Kate's former relationship with actor Michael Sheen and the daughter they have together. Kate, Michael and their daughter Lily Mo recently recreated a picture they took together shortly after her birth:

I was watching the first UNDERWORLD recently and got to thinking about what losing Kate must have been like for Michael. I have to assume there was probably tension already present between them by the time they did the first UNDERWORLD movie, which is probably why Kate took up with that movie's director Len Wiseman. Still, that's gotta smart on multiple levels. Not only is Kate gone, but gone off with the guy you now have to take orders from. Ouch. I'd need a lot of time and a lot of drinks to move past such a loss. I tip my hat to Mike for getting through that intact.

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