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It's always a good choice to put Rachel McAdams in the spotlight

01.20.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am seriously behind on my awards show viewing. Not just the shows alone but the line-up of movies that are heavily favored this year, including SPOTLIGHT, the true-story drama featuring perennial uber-hottie, Rachel McAdams. So I'm a little late getting to posting these pics of the actress at the Critics Choice Awards (again, I don't know how I missed watching it, considering I have an unhealthy attraction to all things T.J. Miller). McAdams is probably the only drop-dead gorgeous blonde that I don't immediately write off as one of the cookies churned from the Hollywood cutter system since she's eternally nice & normal for a celebrity. Sure, it helps that she's Canadian but as big of a reputation that country has for producing stellar human beings (of which, I know a lot), it's also very well known for exporting their most obnoxious on us unsuspecting Yanks. One Rachel McAdams nearly makes up for Justin Bieber, though. Especially in this skin tight, sorta see-through ruby gown. 
Source: Lainey Gossip


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