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It's all good things when Jessica Chastain gets an urge to show off sexy

07.05.2016by: Droz

I like the thinking behind Jessica Chastain's style at this Paris Fashion Week thing today. I'm of the opinion that more hotties of her caliber should wear clothing of an easily see thru nature. It would make my job a lot easier, for one. It's also I think the general will of everyone who loves and lusts after Jessica. Wanting to see as much of a gorgeous woman like her is a natural thing. It's like eating or breathing. We just do it because we're compelled to. Fortunately Jessica often seems happy to oblige us in those desires. On a side note, what is the deal with these Paris fashion week things? How many of these weeks do they have over there? Seems like they just had one. Now here's another. Are these merely the whims of a bunch of fashion big wigs, deciding to felate themselves whenever they feel like it with another celebration of fashion bullshit. Ugh, whatever, it let's us look at Jessica in a bra, so at least they've done something right with it.

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