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It's a Sophie Turner deja vu with another magazine spread & X-men in Beijing

05.19.2016by: Droz

What's this? Another Sophie Turner magazine/Beijing X-MEN APOCALYPSE press conference combo? Yep. She's very rapidly become the go to representative for anything she's involved with. New Game of Thrones season? Bring in Sophie. New X-MEN movie? Sophie. Just want to have a hot, young redhead in your magazine? Better call Sophie. It makes sense. She is fun to look at. I'm not sure yet whether the same can be said of this new X-MEN movie.

There seems to be a persistent air of skepticism about this franchise. No one is prepared to accept anything they're told or anything of what they see of the movie before actually sitting down to watch it. I suspect this sources from too many burns by previous shitty incarnations of X-men movies. This one has me a little worried too. They've been pretty good about keeping the over-the-top comic stuff to a minimum in these movies, but this one seems to be embracing it fully. They're also doing the whole "destroy a whole city" thing which is just goofy. Maybe they're just looking to go out with a bang, now that the current crop of X-men actors are wrapping up their run. Or maybe just make everyone sick of this 15-year X-MEN movie run, so they'll potentially be more receptive to a reboot of the franchise a few years down the road. None of this would surprise me.

Source: Superior Pics


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