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It's a good time to spy some new Claire Danes photoshoot hotness

01.06.2017by: Cherry Liquor
The people who love Homeland must REALLY love Homeland, considering that it's listed on IMDB as scheduled through 2019, a long forecast in the regular paycheck that Claire Danes has been cashing in since 2011. This is the karmic payback for the early cancellation of My So-Called Life, the '90's show that brought the blonde actress into everyone's field of vision, not to mention delivering the young and as-yet-untarnished version of Jared Leto, all floppy hair and big blue eyes, grunge styled for the generation. I can't speak for the HBO show, seeing as how that kind of thing (spies, espionage, treason, governmental corruption, et al) doesn't sing to me at all. Too much of that crazy shit going on for real, I can't be bothered with the high profile fictitious stuff.

Claire is the cover model for both Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire's February 2017 issues, although it was this images from MC that caught my eye. "Head" is slang for oral sex but am I the only one who looks at Clarie here and sees penis? If I am, well...


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