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It's a good day when we get something more from Alexandra Daddario

06.09.2014by: Droz

Unfortunately good days like these don't happen nearly as often as I'd like or as much as they would in an otherwise perfect world, but I'll take as much Alexandra Daddario as I can lay my hands on. Mmmmm, laying my hands on Alexandra. Sorry, that's just too good a thought. I appreciate magazines like Interview taking some pics of Alexandra and putting her name out there. We all understand how beloved she's become to so many, thanks to True Detective. And if for some reason you don't know about that, just look to the right of these words and click on her clip in the popular videos section to get all caught up. Still, I'm a little concerned about all this gushing over her fine ass naked body, which is how the interview aricle accompanying these pics of Alexandra gets going. Not to suggest that such attention isn't warranted or that her natural assets aren't sufficient for immortality. I'm just concerned that Alex might get resentful of all the attention going to her tits, potentially prompting her to stop doing any more nude scenes. So let me just add that she is a pretty good actress as well. And despite how great her body is, I'm still kind of stuck on those eyes, which is where I first found my love for Alex. I even managed to notice them on True Detective a time or two, which is impressive when you consider the situation.

Anyway, I know two B&W pics aren't going to be sufficient for an Alexandra update, so I've also included some stills from Alexandra's upcoming movie UNREACHABLE BY CONVENTIONAL MEANS, which emphasize that pretty face I was talking about before. Yup, she's an angel alright.


Source: Interview


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