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It's a Bella Thorne kind of day round here

02.26.2016by: No Cool Handle

Here's a previous piece on Bella Thorne that was released earlier this morning; here's a hottie report card featuring the sultry red head. But first - since you're already here - check out this trove of tight tummy pics. She's making the rounds, and to say it's not going unnoticed is an understatement. Today is an all things Bella kind of day; my only regret is I don't have anything of the bare breast variety to share. So how bout some bare midriff? - a suitable substitute, no? She made an appearance at the Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge to share the hard body results of her strict workout regimen - she plasters more goddamn gym based photos on social media than professional trainers. She may come off as totally self absorbed - but can you really make those kind of judgments simply because she takes a shit storm of selfies? – maybe, but I wouldn't consider it solid. And even if it was 100% true; can you blame her? With that flawless skin, that tight little booty and overall fit form, one would inadvertently be pleased with themselves; wouldn't they? I'm totally pleased; to the point of I can't stop clicking through images of her. Neither should you... so get to it.

Source: Got Celeb


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