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It's 2001 again, with Mariah Carey ditching her pants for Las Vegas gig

06.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Mariah Carey has been making a bit of a hottie comeback lately, with many people noting how she's gotten her formerly glorious body back into fighting shape for recent concert events. I still think something weird is up with her face, with it looking far more plump than the rest of her body. Not that she doesn't look attractive. Considering that Mariah is now 47-years old, that face is remarkably well-preserved. It's just got the puffy appearance of someone who's a major alcoholic (minus the telltale reddened cheeks). I also wonder, what with the millions in her own bank account and the billions in that of her fiancee's, why is it that she can't manage to find a bustier top that fits her appropriately? Being someone with tits herself, I can't help but notice the way the underwire is cutting into Mariah's expensive augmentation, although I could reason that she's medicated enough to not feel a thing. The garter belts and stockings do a great job of showing off those toned legs, though, which makes going pantsless one of the smartest moves she's completed in years.

Source: AOL


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