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Italian model Claudia Romani shows support for AC Milan ... with her ass

09.21.2016by: No Cool Handle

She may have been born in Italy but Claudia Romani spends much of her adult life roaming the beaches of Miami in bikinis so skimpy, they're guaranteed to get the attention of any paparazzi she comes across. Not only a fan of string bikini bottoms, the sexy import is also an avid soccer fan – excuse me, football – and she's out to prove it with a set of photos that shows her unmatched enthusiasm for AC Milan (the football club representing the Italian city of the same name, of course). How? – You may ask. Let me answer that question by posing another: What better way is there to inspire victory on the pitch than with a pair of tanned butt cheeks? There isn't, apparently. AC Milan won their last two games and now must, at the very least, attribute their most ripping victories to Ms. Romani's innovative way of cheerleading. Here's a fun fact: Claudia achieved her goal of becoming the world's best looking referee; she's qualified to officiate in Italy's top two leagues. Imagine trying to concentrate on the field when it's Claudia Romani blowing the whistle.

Source: Got Celeb


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