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Italian diva Melissa Castagnoli stuffs her tasty cannolis into a tiny bikini

03.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I have never heard of Melissa Castagnoli before. I had to go looking her up to determine that she's a feature player on some Italian news show (go look up some of the clips on YouTube and you'll find that the Italians announce the news similar to those you'd see on Telemundo - with some white haired man with a 1980's styled mustache screaming about something), with responsibilities that put her on par with Ryan Seacrest and his hosting "American Idol." She's there to look pretty and try not to get in the way too much. As for her time spent on a Miami beach this week, Melissa brought her best guns to the shootout, packing her firm culo into a thong bikini (and probably causing the other Miami ass flasher, Claudia Romani, to burst into hot, jealous tears). What little Italian I learned from listening to my grandpa scream at the TV whenever which team of his was losing is all foul and I can't attribute that kind of ugliness to a lady as fine as Melissa. The only thing I'm scratching my head about? What good Italian parent names their daughter a SuperCaucasian name like Melissa.
Source: Egotastic


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