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Italia Ricci's hotness is out there for The X-Files premiere

01.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I know you've been warned otherwise, but it's fair to trust me that Italia Ricci is the hottest Ricci right now (sorry Christina), even if you only base it on her appearance at the premiere for "The X-Files" revival. The leggy Canadian doesn't appear on the show (what a pity) but her long-time boyfriend/fiancee is in the cast and when you're in love, you show your support with a tight dress and bare shoulders. Ricci herself does act, having had roles in movies such as DON JON and shows such as "Chasing Life," which had a very short run on ABC Family. Italia just finished up work on a TV movie called LATE BLOOMER, so her career isn't as high profile as sweetie Robbie Amell's but with those killer looks of hers, I wouldn't be surprised if someone snapped her up for something juicy. 
Source: Just Jared Jr


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