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It wouldn't take me long at all to be seduced by beauty Moa Aberg

03.10.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

I really need to invest in a nice camera. Yeah, I don't really know any attractive girls in my hometown who hasn't issued a restraining order against me so actually finding someone to model for me may prove to be a little difficult. Although, my mommy has told me how much weight I've lost lately. Maybe I could be the cameraman and the subject. Ah, forget it. As sexy as I look in a pair of tight jeans and a small shirt (which allows for some wonderful air to hit my protruding midriff), I couldn't hold a candle to this model right here. Elle UK nabbed up this lady named Moa Aberg to represent what they call "strong women." Yeah. When people describe me, words like "depressing" and "shameful" come up, so maybe I'll just stick to looking at photoshoots like this as opposed to being a part of them. Anyway, I've never heard of this lady before, but she's intensely beautiful. Walking up to a woman like this and striking up a conversation is something that will never happen in my life (mostly because I'd be petrified), so this will have to do. For the rest of you, maybe looking at this spread and figuring out a way to talk to her will come to you. When that happens, let me know your strategy. Please? 

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