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It was only a matter of time before Kelli Berglund showed up in a bikini

07.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's so many young hotties running around nowadays – all of whom grew up with social media – you'd think being so far into the summer season we would have seen a tsunami of pics featuring former Disney Channel stars like Kelli Berglund practically living in a two piece. There's been some action, but three months ago I would've predicted an all you can stand stream of captures. No surprise the best of the best is been provided by Bella Thorne, thus far, followed closely by Ava Sambora. But the minimal number of A-listers caught engaging in recreational beach activity makes you wonder what exactly is factoring into this slow burning season. Record high temperatures, paparazzi fatigue or are they just too busy? At least in regions close to the equator summers are lasting all the way through November now (year round further South), providing hope for candid pics that have not yet come to pass. Because even though Kelli's first, strong bikini showing comes to us well after the season began, there's still plenty of time for a shit ton of follow-ups. There has to be; this set has me thirsting for more.

Source: ns4w


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