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It was Jessica Biel's turn to bring sexy back at Book of Love premiere

10.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
That movie that Jessica Biel was filming while she was pregnant with her son Silas is finally getting a release date, although we regular people aren't supposed to be seeing it until January. Originally titled THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, I guess execs considered that to be too depressing and redubbed it THE BOOK OF LOVE, which might not convey what the movie is about - a dude with a dead wife who helps out a homeless teen. Sounds like depressing award winning fodder to me, with a cast that boasts not only Biel but Jason Sudeikis and Maisie Williams. Jess was looking outstanding in her moss green leather dress, accompanied by husband Justin Timberlake, who seems to be developing a bad habit of opening his eyes so wide for the paps that he appears to always be caught mid-surprise. Hell, I suppose if I was lucky enough to be married to Jessica Biel, that might very well be my default setting as well.
Source: Daily Mail


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