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It was a day of blue Glamglow and bikinis for Nina Dobrev and friends

03.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

​Nina Dobrev is 28 going on 17. The former CW starlet has gone from being a somewhat elusive hottie, who's previously been spotted out in a bikini from time to time, to enjoying the spoils of her celebrity and all of the carefree days in a two-piece at her disposal. Nina and her blue-faced buddies popped up on social media, collectively engaging in some tribal face painting ceremony, mixing it up on the Internet with the many other attention-seeking hotties looking to up their popularity. Again, this looks like something a group of high school girls would do when one of them is in possession of their parent's house for the weekend, or, a group of college girls on spring break. Nina Dobrev's body is one deserving of serious attention; she's a fine example of woman dedicated to maintaining an enticing figure. Be careful with these pictures, or Nina's face won't be the only thing blue.

Source: Got Celeb


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