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It's good to be Alexis Ren

05.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

Of all the hotties working their ass off to solidifying a strong positions on social media, none may enjoy making a living off of being hot more than Alexis Ren. She's all smiles and giggleswhenever it's time to drop trou for the next string of ass selfie's, sure to be posted for her followers enjoyment. Forget about social media, very few people in existence will ever know what it's like to live a similar carefree lifestyle, free from the burden of responsibilities, your only real concern being what new angle of your ass is to be captured next. As much love as I have for Alexis Ren, it's hard not to be slightly contemptuous towards the mellow existence she enjoys (like she gives a shit). Each of the images she posts – documenting her sexy existence – make one thing abundantly clear: It's good to be Alexis Ren.

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Source: Instagram


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