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It's easy to see why curvy English hottie Demi Rose Mawby is so popular

03.23.2017by: Droz

The modern day auspices of slut shaming would seem to require that I cast down supremely curvaceous UK hottie Demi Rose Mawby for her antics while out on the town last night in London. Apparently no one is allowed to wear a mostly pointless dress over barely there underwear and get away with it. But I'm not going to do that. It never even occurred to me to do anything of the sort. Yes, Demi does this sort of thing a lot. She's notorious for seeking attention in this manner and quite often finds it. She makes the details of her relationships with annoying rappers a matter of public record and routinely comes across as a rabid attention junkie on social media. And I could care less about any of it.

I have chronic tunnel vision when it comes to Demi - vision that focuses tightly on the physical prowess of the woman herself. There really are no other issues to address as far as she and I are concerned. Girl is without question one of the most adorable and sublimely curvaceous hotties I've ever laid eyes on. With hose kinds of credentials, she makes pretty much any behavior easily dismissible in my heavily biased mind.

Demi Rose Mawby sexy curvesDemi Rose Mawby sexy curvesDemi Rose Mawby sexy curvesDemi Rose Mawby sexy curves

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