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It's about time we get to know Canadian model Danielle Knudsen better

05.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

It's a great feeling, coming across a hottie that makes your clicking finger suddenly freeze. Your eyes widen, pulse quickens and that particular feeling of excitement comes over you, the kind only something new can generate. Danielle Knudson and her photo shoot for Dressed to Kill magazine hit me like a cold bucket of water thrown on my face; that sweaty, half naked body of hers forcing a hard gasp of air while simultaneously jumpstarting me into a state of full alertness. Up until an hour ago I had no idea who she was, now, I can't imagine a world without her – nor would I want to. For a model as hot as she, her Internet footprint looks to be relatively small. Not to say she's a nobody; a quick Google search will result in plenty of sexy content (even some topless pics), but you'd think at 27 years old woman this hot would be all over the place by now. Oh well, it's gonna be an enlivening experience, familiarizing myself with this provocative hottie's back catalog of work.

Source: Dressed to Kill


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