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It may take a minute to get over Barbara Palvin's underboob

05.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival isn't exactly providing the abundance of celebrity boobs many were hoping for. There have been a minority of red carpet risk takers among the more conservative majority; not so much coming from the pool of attending actresses, but by the model clique (check out model Bella Hadid if you want to see the #1 ranked, sextastic gown thus far). Hungarian babe Barbara Palvin made a take-note effort for her appearance at the L'Oreal Party with a fine display of underboob, resulting in images I've had a tough time getting enough of. I've skirted past a fair share of sets featuring this fresh face, but for some reason, these were harder to overlook. Sure, the boobs are the obvious point on which to focus, however, those led to a take notice moment; I gravitate to hotties who look amazing without being covered in make up. Something about the thought of waking up to a photo ready face -- beauty on demand. Not only after hours of prep is she capable of inspiring awe. With a naturally beautiful face like hers, those moments can strike anytime, anywhere. I dig that. I dig her.

Source: Got Celeb


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