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It appears that the Fashion Week winner is Anna Kendrick

02.14.2014by: Cherry Liquor

I think we can all agree that the preferred outfit of choice for our favorite petite PITCH PERFECT gal, Anna Kendrick would be the birthday suit one (or at the very least in a very stripped down option) but because of the snooty nature behind the fashion industry business, Fashion Week is held in New York, the cold cost of the states, so we're not going to get a glimpse of much skin while there's a blizzard going on.

Still, Kendrick brought the goods to a number of fashion shows over the course of the week, making herself the most recognized face with a name at the various events. She started off slow, with the super dowdy all-black outfit at the Alice + Olivia show (to be fair, this is the same one where Jamie Chung was shivering in the cold) and moved on to Milly show where the colors moved into a brighter gray range, even if she kept the material thick and warm. As the week wore on, Anna came decked out in a mustard colored sleeveless blouse at the Jenny Packham show - a color that would have looked horrendous on just about anyone else - a super cute sweater for the Miu Miu show and a black and gray (and far too lengthy) dress for the Tory Burch show.

She followed these up with a sexy sheer black dress at the Guess show, a covered up all-black outfit for the Philosophy show and finally, a short skirt at the J Mendel show, even if that short skirt came with thick stockings. All in all, Anna is proving that she's got what it takes to be considered a fashion icon.


Source: Vanity Fair


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