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It ain't the 4th without brew, BBQ and Charlotte McKinney's boobs

07.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There's a meme going around making fun of people who record vertically with their cell phones and while I might not be inclined to find it and include it here, I will show you how silly it looks when you record Charlotte McKinney and her hot friend shuffling about beachside in Malibu on this past 4th of July weekend. If you weren't already sold on McKinney simply for cup size alone, this display of humiliating white girl dance moves might just kill your boner indefinitely. I do love that Charlotte is adapting to her new coast, having grown up as a Floridian and now living in Southern California. I also find it interesting that she is rarely photographed with her actor boyfriend, Stephen Dorff, having last been seen in public with him back in May. Not exactly the romance of convenience to manipulate for your public persona, which makes me like her even more. Now, can someone find her a proper dance coach because that Dancing with the Has-Beens didn't do her much good.

Source: Daily Mail


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