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Isla Fisher wrapped her cute tush in tights for a coffee run

11.11.2015by: Cherry Liquor
In a way, I'm glad that Isla Fisher found love with Sacha Baron Cohen because everyone should have love. In plenty of other ways, I'm resentful toward Borat. He's stifled her career, continually knocking her up so that Isla ends up out of the game just as she gets going again. I guess I understand that she might have wanted to get her childbearing out of the way, what with her 40th birthday looming this upcoming February. All in all, I'm a bit bitter that there haven't been more roles, better roles for her to show off what a comedy dynamo she is. With NOCTURNAL ANIMALS headed to the big screen in 2016, the biggest upside is that Isla will finally pair with the other standout redheaded funny lady in cinema, Amy Adams, at least I'll be able to overdose in their collective awesomeness. (And Jakey Gyllenhaal is in it too, so wooo!)
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