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Isla Fisher radiates while her husband humiliates

02.23.2016by: Droz
Isla Fisher, Sasha Baron Cohen at Grimsby premiere

You gotta wonder sometimes if Isla Fisher questions her choice in spouses, particularly when he shows up to his movie's premiere looking like this. There's being a booster for your movie and then there's just being an idiot. Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to idiotic moves in support of his stuff, but now he's got a wife and a kid and 40+ years behind him. Might be time to just wear a tux like everyone else and try to be funny in a regular way when promoting his movies. At least tone it down for the sake of your wife Sacha, who you should be content to let have all the attention. Look at that redheaded goddess. Any guy in his right mind knows that when you have a beauty like her on your arm, your job is to step aside and let her take all the limelight. She deserves it. Your junk in small underwear does not deserve it.

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