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Isla Fisher mixed tight leather pants with a loose fitting top for a dynamite combo

03.11.2016by: Droz

Isla Fisher Kimmel hot

It's interesting how all these actresses who for whatever reason haven't made the rounds in public in awhile, are suddenly now all over the place again all at the same time. Perhaps there was a collective wake up call sent out to the somewhat longer in the tooth hotties out there, advising them of a whole slew of new hotties just itching to take their places in the spotlight. Gotta put up or shut up, ladies. Whatever the case, the situation has gotten Isla Fisher out from under continual motherhood duties and back into the limelight where she belongs. Even better was how her annoying husband was no where to be found as she made her way back stage for her appearance on Kimmel in those tight leather pants. One thing confuses me though. Are they doing some sort of a grand back stage entrance here? When did arriving at the talk show suddenly become just as big a deal as being on the show? We live in weird times.

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