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Isla Fisher looked pretty hot for the polo

10.17.2016by: Droz

The radiant Isla Fisher was doing her leggy, stacked, adorable, redhead thing for the likes of some sort of polo thing this weekend. Apparently there's big money behind whatever this was, as a number of fine and famous women showed up to promote it. It's hard to ignore what Isla is doing. Doesn't matter that there are other hotties around trying to steal the attention from her. Isla always stands out. And thankfully her annoying husband wasn't there to crowd her out with his dumb antics. I liked Borat well enough, but pretty much everything else Sacha Baron Cohen has done since is either an imitation of Borat or just not that funny. He's a lot better in a supporting capacity, when other people are writing his comedy for him. Isla is just the opposite. I like her out in front and just being herself. Makes me wonder how these two get along. Must be that "opposites attract" thing.

Source: NSFW


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