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Iskra Lawrence shows off more of her healthy hotness

03.15.2017by: Droz

Iskra Lawrence's partnership with Women's Health to spread the gospel of "curvy is okay" continues. They're preaching to the choir with me. I've been a disciple of that faith for some time now. Yet, as we know, the haters abound for such women. I find their vicious attacks incomprehensible. For one thing, I don't see what's to hate about women of her shape. Clearly none of those people has ever been with a woman like Iskra. If they had, they'd understand. There's a whole lot of erotic energy in those curves. But let's set aside the body thing for a minute and just take in the whole of Iskra. Look at how pleasant she is. Always with the smile and fun is she. How could anyone be nasty to such a warm, inviting person? Clearly any troll who starts shit with her only confirms their miserable existence as the complete antithesis to her good-natured ways. Right-thinking people understand this is a woman they'd be lucky to have.

Iskra Lawrence Instagram HotnessIskra Lawrence Instagram Hotness

Source: Women's Health


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