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Iskra Lawrence shows off her curvy stylings in a LBD

02.14.2017by: Droz

I'm incredibly biased when it comes to women like Iskra Lawrence. Because they've made an impact on me, I tend to sing their praises the same way I would someone else who has accomplished a lot more and who reigns supreme in their field. The reality with Iskra is that she is still pretty much an Instagram hottie. She's making strides to be more than that, using her emphasis on body acceptance as a route to bigger success. Still, no one I know has any idea who she is. We're doing our best to spread the word on her though, as I think she deserves to be disseminated much wider in the culture, if only for her thickness excellence alone. Girl makes quite in the impression wherever she goes. That's doubled when you see her in slow motion.

Source: NSFW


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